Some feedback and nice things clients have to say...........


"Because Rob brings his complete focus and attention, he inspires the same from you"


A long time ago I was an Iyengar Yoga instructor so I have high expectations of any personal trainer I work with (I’ve even been known to walk out in the middle of a class if a trainer doesn’t have my respect).


I’ve been attending Rob’s spin classes since 2007.  Because Rob brings his complete focus and attention, he inspires the same from you.  Before a set, he coaches you on what to expect so you can plan how hard to push yourself.  At the end of his classes you know you’ve trained hard, but because you’re so focused, time bends and passes quickly.


Recently I committed to individual TRX training sessions. I have a list of major injuries, literally from head to toe, so it took a lot of convincing to even try TRX. I took the plunge out of respect for Rob and also because I saw how quickly he recovered from his own list of major injuries.  I gave it a go and I’m glad I did.


Rob designed a TRX training program for me.  After the very first session I noticed a big change to my core strength, balance and energy.  The bonus has been that each session seems to build on the last.  For the first time since I discovered yoga I’m excited by a new technique and am glad to learn it under Rob’s guidance.


Kahla Gerard

Filmmaker, Visionworks Productions

"they just don't get any better"


I’ve worked with Rob Cook for over 5 years now and as personal trainers come – they just don’t get any better. Rob gives maximum attention to detail so you can meet your training goals. On top of that he’s just a good all round bloke who’s always up for a laugh.


Mark Howarth

Managing Director



"I'm fitter than I was before I had children"


Over 6 years ago I was going to the gym regularly, after having 3 children in quick succession and wanting to put things back where they belonged. I had heard about Rob Cook group training from some people I had met through the gym and decided to give it a try!  


After one session I was hooked.  It was hard, but so much more than just a physical challenge. I vividly remember, at the end of that first session, after being covered in sand and pushing myself harder than I can remember, I dove into the ocean fully clothed and I knew I'd found a unique combination of pain and exhilaration. 


6 years on and Rob is still surprising and pushing us beyond our limits with new challenges and varied programs.  In those 6 years I've tackled new challenges and had some amazing experiences, I never thought I would have the ability or confidence to attempt, and I'm fitter than I was before I had children. 


I eagerly look forward to my few hours a week of pleasure and pain with an amazing group who I now consider close friends.  It's so much more than my exercise, it's now my way of life and I can't imagine my week without it!


Kristen Geros

Practice Manager

North Curl Curl Physiotherapy


"I have nothing but praise for Rob & NODIS events"


I was introduced to Rob Cook through mutual friends and initially our “old guys” over 35’s soccer team used Rob for pre season training after suffering many injuries the year before. Let’s just say that by the time the season started we were fitter than ever before and we went on to win the grand final with Cookie sticking around to manage the team for the year – Sir Alex Ferguson style!


I then began attending the NODIS outdoor training sessions on Wednesday mornings and Thursday night boxing/kickboxing sessions. This has helped me lose weight, get much fitter and make great new friends. The good thing about this form of training is that you never know what fun and games Cookie has in store – sand hill climbs, trail running, killer circuits or Alexander St come to mind.


NODIS Events has brought about an avenue to utilise the fitness gained in Rob’s sessions. Whether it is Amazing Racing around Sydney, hitting MTB trails, triathlon festivals, Valley Stampeding, stand up paddleboard yoga (yes you read that right!) or pumping out paintballs in the forest - NODIS Events are always extremely well organised and most importantly fun.


I have nothing but praise for Rob and NODIS Events and their approach to fitness and a healthy lifestyle mixed in with a lot of fun!


Stephen Finlay

Director Sales, Australia

BCD Travel