August '13 Player Profile

     Pete Smith

NICKNAME:   Pomme Pete
DOES:   Broadcast Engineer
LIKES:   Kite Surfing
                 Motorbike Racing
                 Girls in Bikinis
DISLIKES:  Burpees
July 2013 - Pete Kitesurfed 400km with the 'Torres Strait Kitesurf Expedition 
2013' from Queensland to Papua New Guinea raising $70,000+ for the McGrath Foundation.... Pete being the only man to do it on a surfboard!!
Have a look at this incredible achievement & 'Get Abreast Of It'  HERE




September '13 Player Profile



           Derek Woodstone                                                  

NICKNAME: Del (or Delboy)                              

LIKES:   Lawn bowls, Firefighting, Manly Sea Eagles

DISLIKES: Being late for anything


            Emily McLean

NICKNAME:  Diehard

LIKES:  Firefighting, Ocean swimming, Chilling out with friends and a glass of wine

DISLIKES: Hamstring curls     



This year we set ourselves the challenge of doing the city2surf! 

14km of pure hell from Hyde Park to Bondi Beach. Training started at the end of May with runs ranging in distance from 6km upto 14km and done anywhere between Warriewood and South Curl Curl. We racked up a total of 175km over this time. Our personal goal of 75 minutes for Derek and 77 minutes for Em didn't quite go to plan...... Does that mean there will be a next time? Who knows... I guess we will have to wait and see....


October '13 Player Profile

          Davie - White Crew

PLAYERS: Max, Ed, Greg, Sherry, Mike, Juli & 7 Kids with ages ranging from 5-65 years!!



Being outdoors, being active and making sure our kids are included in it all.

Cooking (healthy food of course), eating and the odd glass of wine, beer or champage (water for the kids!)

Travel is a big part of our lives since we are an international family


DISLIKES: Couch Potatoes & Brussel Sprouts



A lot of us recently did the Pub to Pub race as part of the Northern Beach Interchange Team.This is a great organisation that supports families who have special needs. Two of our kids participated and ran the entire 13km and we were all there to cheer on their grandparents, Max and Ed as they crossed the finish line​.

To see more about the NBI and the wonderful work they do CLICK HERE



Max, Ed, Sherry, Juli & Jacob have entered into the 50km Spring Cycle for Breast Cancer Research.

The entire 'Crew', along with many many NODIS members will participate in at least one event at the Husky Multisport Event in February 2014 from the Long Course Triathlon right through to the Mini Man Tri and kids 2km Fun Run. This will be our 5th year participating and we love it!




November '13 Player Profile

          Kristen Geros




LIKES:  As answered by my brutally honest kids;

"Training with all your friends, peace, shopping, going out and exercising, family, your hair straight, presents (giving and receiving), playing games with your children, holidays, cuddles, a clean house, sleep-ins, birthdays and Christmas, daggy music and Foo Fighters"  

I think they know me pretty well!  

I'll also add Google, humour, cooking, people watching and writing long lists of likes.


DISLIKES: Rats, Vodafone, getting in trouble, anyone scaring me, brevity and.........................

don't even TOUCH my magazine before I've read it.


WHAT HAS KRISSY BEEN UP TO: I've started studying Nutrition to satisfy my curiosity in all things food/health/need-to-know-everything... and wishing I'd paid more attention in school Chemistry. Working hard at North Curl Curl Physio and parenting 2 short children and 1 taller laddult. I'm also seriously considering doing something about my issues with procrastination.


WHAT'S NEXT: Good question. I WILL make it to the start of a Half Marathon at some point, it is on my bucket list... it's currently outside the top 10, but with a bullet. In the meantime, I'm not the fastest or best but I'm enjoying being there and that's what's most important. Right ?!

December '13 Player Profile

          Chris Cooper


NICKNAME: COOPER (said very loudly by Rob)


DOES: Wife extraordinaire to Geoff and fabulous mum to Ruby (19) and Eloise (17)


LOVES:  My family, my friends, living on the Northern Beaches, boating, entertaining, being entertained, laughing and of course Jesus.


HATES: Ummmm rudeness and having my photo taken with my helmet on!


WHAT HAVE I BEEN UP TO: This year Geoff and I have completed the Bobbin Head Classic Cycle (58km) in March, the Blayney to Bathurst (70km) in April and more recently the Gong Ride. 

My weekly training programme is Rob's Basic Training at FF Mona Vale on Monday, cycling Bayview to West Head on Tuesday, cycling Bayview Akuna Bay on Wednesday, Pilates (stop snoring) on Thursday and of course Rob's training on Friday morning.  Oh my goodness, I almost sound like I could or should be fit!!!!

Also, I love the fact that when Geoff can, he joins Rob's training and both Ruby and Eloise have been known to show up on Friday on several occasions.


WHY AM I DOING THIS: Well it has to be said I think Rob asked me to do this because I haven't stop whinging about the fact that the only two photos he put up of me on NODIS is one with two boxing pads tied to my head and one with my cycling helmet. I was one of the starting members of the Friday morning Chatalot group - I love the outside training, the group of great and funny people, the variety of exercise and of course Rob! Geoff and I are in our fifties, we both have always enjoyed exercise and now love the fact that both our girls exercise every week (Geoff and Ruby did the half marathon last month together and Eloise is at the gym as early as 6am some mornings - aagghh).

January '14 Player Profile

          Sarah James


                                              Winner of the 2013 NODIS Trophy!


LIKES: Most things & people except tripe!


DISLIKES:  Anything to do with being cold i.e.. rain, snow, sleet, winter etc with the exception of ice-cream and ice in my G&T


BELIEFS:  Balance - not yoga type balance but more along the lines of a glass of wine equals a 10km bike ride


WHAT HAVE I BEEN UP TO: A few rides with a few more planned for next year, no more running though. Thinking about increasing my fitness & flexibility this year.....still in the thinking stage.

Of course to get another child through the HSC and survive the rest of them.

I'm rethinking the Diving Spears I gave them all for Xmas now!!

Happy New Year everyone. I'm hoping no-one actually reads this!

February '14 Player Profile

          Bron Bates




LIKES: Picnics, a midday nap after an early morning workout, chocolate cake (or just cake in general), Milo on ice cream, Hawaii, dogs & puppies, the great group of friends that we train with, my lovely husband and our two adorable pooches!


DISLIKES:  Selfishness, dishonesty, early morning workouts in winter, smoked salmon and spin classes.

Also when people start a sentence with "There is NOTHING worse than....... " and finish it with something trivial

eg. "there is NOTHING worse than getting olives on your pizza when you specifically ask for no olives!"


BELIEFS:  Be honest, be kind, work hard and always be true to yourself. I also believe that the main reason to exercise regularly is so that you can eat chocolate, pizza, ice cream and cake whenever you want to!!



WHAT HAVE I BEEN UP TO: Training for my first Triathlon which is at the end of February, I am a little nervous about how I will go but am really looking forward to challenging myself. I have been getting swim coaching from my husband and have been doing early morning swim sessions in the ocean pools with the other NODIS guys & girls that are doing a swim at Husky. Another positive to this Triathlon goal is that I have upped my training since September and I feel so much fitter and healthier than I did this time last year.

March '14 Player Profile





LIKES: Time with my family, Soccer,

Fly Fishing, all sport really, watching sport, talking about sport, Checking In, Sunrise Photos, Traveling, Skiing, Cooking, Sea Eagles, Man Utd, Grocery Shopping, Swim Squad, Beer, Red Wine, White Wine, Guitar, Cycling.........



DISLIKES:  Things not being left the way they were found - KIDS!!! Falseness, Melbourne Storm, Humidity, Sweating on the way to Work, No Beer, English Cricket Team, being beaten by ANY English Sporting Team, Complaining!



BELIEFS: Karma - being nice is not hard to do and generally gets rewarded with kindness. Family, Friends, Loyalty, 80's Oz Rock, Australia is always better at sport than England, Acceptance.


WHAT HAVE I BEEN UP TO: Completed my first Triathlon with the gang at Husky - awesome weekend. Traveling again but trying to keep up the training at my destinations away from the training group. Soccer pre-season training has begun - Go CURLY! I have really been enjoying getting out on the roadie - always better with friends and a coffee : -)

Tough but rewarding sessions with Cookie. Next challenge is yet to be decided......

April '14 Player Profile





LIKES: Hmmm let me see, what does Anita like... Smiles, laughing & cuddles... travelling & exploring, when it comes to sport I would rather do it than watch it on TV. Shopping for clothes, especially in other countries. Eatting Thai food. But mostly hanging out with the family & great friends, that’s awesome.



DISLIKES:  Messy house, mine not others. Rude people, rainy days, losing belongings. When driving you kindly allow someone to enter into your lane and they don’t thank you for it, annoying. Being told by a 10yr old that they know what’s best for them. What is yet to come, please help me god!





BELIEFS: If you be kind to people they’ll be kind back. A healthy lifestyle by eating well & excercising will help you achieve a longer life. I also believe that if you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude. Don’t complain.


WHAT HAVE I BEEN UP TO: Following the footsteps of Finbar completed my first Triathlon with great friends at Husky - it was a fantastic weekend. Got my new mountain bike, LOVE IT, heading out with friends on trails, such a great work out, so much fun. Training hard, Rob might say different. The next few months I would like to get my hair wet and get stuck into swimming, hard work for me. John Bates any tips would be great! Next challenge NODIS Mountain Bike Skills Clinic... should be fun!

May '14 Player Profile

                  John Bates


I am Australian. I was born in Sydney, my parents are from NZ, I spent 10 years in Japan as a child, went to Florida State University and spent a year on a fishing trawler in Alaska in 1993 -1994. I have been living back in Sydney since July 1994.


LIKES:  Competing in Non-Competition Competitions without knowing I am a Competitor, spending time with friends, mountain biking, honesty, loyalty, running in the pouring rain, the NODIS crew, Hawaii, chocolate milkshakes, smartie cookies, Jaffas, Nacho Cheese Shapes, Ferrero Rocher





DISLIKES: Being injured, technology when it doesn’t work, rude people, people who make other people look or feel stupid, people who don’t do what they say they will do, Gum nuts.


BELIEFS:  Far better it is,

                   to dare mighty things,

                   than to take rank,

                   with those poor timid souls,

                   who know neither victory nor defeat.

                                                 T. Roosevelt.


WHAT HAVE I BEEN UP TO: I have been competitively swimming since I was 7 years old and all my training and fitness focus is currently geared towards my swims at the FINA World Masters Swimming Championships in Montreal in August this year. While I swim twice a week I also do a variety of other training as I find the cross training improves my overall performance in the pool, besides it gets a little boring swimming up and down the pool all the time.

November '14 Player Profile

          Abbie Hughes .....aka BAT-CAT Girl




Champagne, Wine & Talking




Non-Alcoholic Wine & Bananas




Being able to laugh at yourself, making people smile, AND plenty of wine keeps you sane.




I have been in training to become a pole dancing Superhero!



Editors Note: The face of this Superhero has been hidden to protect her identity as she fulfills her Superhero pledge:

To use her powers for good, to fight for justice and to protect the innocent......unless there is a race and then 'everything' is a competition're on your own then!

December '14 Player Profile

          Richard Jeffery




Genuine, honest, open people. Beaches, donuts, Clem (Sarah's dog) and (almost) anything Indian




Bullies and loud mouths, going further south than Mona Vale, sprouts, hotel rooms.










"A man is a product of his thoughts. What he thinks he becomes."





Learning how to cook healthy food, planning a European holiday, wishing I was back in India, trying to stop eating donuts.

June '15 Player Profile




LIKES: My beautiful baby girl, Ballet, Chocolate, Shopping, Coffee My dog Gerrard, Family and everything being symmetrical.


DISLIKES:  Running!! Onions, Slow Drivers, Being Late, Meat, Complainers and People that don't do as they said they would.


BELIEFS:  Do what you set out to achieve as anything is possible (who knows...I may run a Marathon one day under Rob's guidance.....Hahahaha!!!!)


WHAT HAVE I BEEN UP TO: I have stepped up my training with Rob and started PT sessions. I'm enjoying it so much and look forward to the results and getting stronger. Maybe I'll be able to tackle those Bilgola stairs 5 times!!!!

As I have a one year old and run my own ballet school, I don't have much time for anything else, however my school is my life and I get the upmost joy in being able to pass on my knowledge to my students.

July'15 Player Profile




LIKES: Binge-watching random TV series.

Being by the sea....Eating Curry....Travel and flying in style. Playing cards...Pop Art...Bikram Yoga (sometimes), and a few others best not to mention... 


DISLIKES:  Swimming...Fake people...Bad Coffee...Drunk People......Fake, drunk people ;-)


BELIEFS:  I really have to think up a mantra in 5 minutes? Hmmmmmm


Life's too short to waste thinking up mantras.......Live it to the most today, you only get one chance....


Or even better just go here: 666666 Mantra


WHAT HAVE I BEEN UP TO: House hunting like a maniac and building a really! One day I'll post some pictures. Oh and choosing a cringe worthy photo for this Player Profile!