Rob Cook Personal Training

In a Personal Training session with Rob you can expect to experience a range of advanced training techniques that are customised to your individual training and fitness goals.


Rob recognises we all have different training needs and objectives, whether they are event specific, health related or an opportunity to set & achieve personal challenges.

"Sport and fitness have always been my passion and I am so fortunate to be able to share that with my clients and encourage them to achieve their own personal, sporting and fitness ambitions and share in their achievements"

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TRX Training

TRX is a simple yet challenging portable resistance training system, which uses gravity and your body weight to create hundreds of different exercises. It is perfect for all levels of fitness and builds your core strength, agility, power, flexibility and balance.


TRX offers variety and increasing challenges as you progress and is perfect for rehabilitation. It is used across a wide range of sports as a supplementary training system.


It is safe and effective and engages all core muscles through every exercise with programs tailored for each client's requirements.

TRX with Rob Cook is a creative, fun and core charged training session with noticable results benefiting all sporting & fitness pursuits.


Whether you are an athlete or someone just starting out, TRX should be incorporated into your weekly training routine!


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Running Analysis Workshop

Would you like to run faster, further, more efficiently or without injury?

Running is something a lot of people believe comes naturally, but it's not just a case of one foot in front of the other.

Learning how to run and techniques on how you SHOULD run can really benefit all other areas of training. 


These one-on-one sessions of 60-80 minutes are a great investment to compliment your existing training or just to get you started on the right foot.

A Running Analysis session with Rob caters for all individuals at any level  of running ability and will include:

* Drills to analyse your technique

* Identify areas of inefficiency and potential injury

* Learn the correct biomechanical principals of running

* Video footage of your existing and modified running technique

* Instruction on how to adapt and enhance your own running style 

It maybe that you want to become faster, more efficient and injury free or just get going and achieve greater enjoyment from your running!

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If you would like to learn the fundamentals of mountain biking or improve on your existing skills and become a better mountain biker, then this clinic is perfect for you!


The NODIS Events Mountain Bike Skills Clinic will teach you techniques to enable you to ride more confidently and more efficiently. You will learn how to tackle new and varied terrains, focusing on the techniques and skills of balance and traction work in relation to body position and stability.


We will also show you correct bike set-up and demonstrate basic bike maintenance including essentials such as changing a tyre. We'll even work on your gearing and braking so that you carry (and cease) momentum more effectively.


Why a mountain bike course?If you’re spending money on a good bike & good gear - why not invest a little more to be able to use them properly? 



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