Group Outdoor Training

No two sessions are ever the same!

Training at beautiful outdoor venues all over the Northern Beaches of Sydney you will be physically challenged and inspired by your training environment.

With the encouragement of like-minded people sharing exercise goals, Group Training with Rob Cook is a highly motivating and fun way to challenge your perceived physical limitations and share your achievements.

"There is a lot in life that is more fun when shared and I believe the case to be the same with exercise. It gives me a great sense of pride to play a part in not only the physical transformations of my clients, but to also witness the genuine friendships that develop in a Group Training forum.

The passion of the group is contagious with participants setting personal challenges they once thought beyond their ability, inspired by the friends around them"


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​Boxing and Kickboxing training is one of the best ways to reduce body fat and improve your fitness on all levels - Cardiovascular, Strength, Aerobic & Anaerobic.

In addition to the fitness benefits, fat loss and improved muscle tone there are also many positives for the mind that are equally important.

Boxing & Kickboxing enable you to build and boost your self confidence through self defence techniques and combinations learnt during the sessions. 

It's important for both men & women to have some knowledge and insight into dealing with conflict & confrontation. These training sessions help to develop the confidence to protect yourself as well as relieving tension & stress.


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